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Our Process

We begin our client relationships with a confidential, no-obligation conversation to ascertain your current financial condition and learn about your future goals and challenges. Based on our initial conversation, we will determine what approach best meets your needs:

Targeted Approach

Targeted Approach

When: You have a specific area of need, such as life insurance or consolidating retirement accounts.

Phase 1 (2 Meetings)

  1. Discovery
  2. Recommendation & Implementation

Phase 2

  • Periodic review as needs change.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

When: You have multiple areas of need that are interrelated, complex and/or require ongoing advisory services. (Focused financial plans generally have an accelerated timeline.)

Phase 1 (4 Meetings within 45-60 days)

  1. Discovery/Fact-Gathering (includes setup and training for online software access)
  2. Kickoff/Goal-Setting Meeting
  3. Clarification Meeting
  4. Plan Delivery Meeting

Phase 2

  1. Implementation Meeting
  2. Quarterly Reviews of Progress
  3. Ongoing Advice as needed

Phase 3

  • Annual Review

For more information or to arrange an initial conversation, please contact us at (312) 880-7798 or by email at